Shaka S




With a surface area of 1200 cm², the Shaka S is the smallest wing in this series. However, due to its hydrodynamic efficient design and slightly higher aspect ratio of 3.8 compared to the Shaka M it is extremely versatile!

It is the perfect choice for the kitefoiler who wants to ride a stable setup without the risk to compromise when it comes to the top-end speed. Great in maneuvers and take off, this foil became our new favorite for freeriding.

When the wind gets strong, grab your wing and the Shaka S to have the session of your life! Going fast and jumping high whilst having a lot of control is the feedback we got from our riders. This is your choice for strong winds for the wing, big and fast waves, or tow-in.

The Shaka S performs flawless in all these disciplines.

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Wing Area 1200 cm²
Span 68 cm
Aspect Ratio 3.8
Weight 1000 g


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