About Us

Hydrofoiling is a game changer. Period.
It has provided as much of a quantum leap to water based sail sports as windsurfing and later kitesurfing did. We are living this revolution, excited to be part of it and be able to ride on the forefront. Hydrofoils triple/quadruple our time on the water. Now we have the ability to move on aggressive new paths into the ocean, discover previously uncharted territories deep off the coast and doing it on silky smooth, low-drag rides. We are riding and stretching the boundaries of our light wind equipment in the Low Wind Capital of the United States all year-long. We started new chapters on how to ride the waves and the shore breaks with hydrofoils….


Kite-Hydrofoil Miami is not just “another kite shop”.  The “Foil Club”  is a hub and community center for local, national and international hydrofoilers, who are passionate about this sport. We are riders focused on hydrofoils and products that match the dynamics, characteristics of our equipment, like kites specifically designed for foils. We are critical thinkers with bold new ideas and through our test team provide feed back to the industry to generate products we dream, like and want.


This site grew out of our passion of hydrofoiling: the joy of the ride, the drive to improve the sport and the curiosity to discover. This many times is humbling, however, it also provides fuel that propels us to go out again to learn, and experience more. The adrenalin rush slows down time and reality, makes us feel more alive. However, it is also a healing Zen and breakaway from the world on land. I invite you to enjoy and be part of it. 


See you on the water!
Dr. Laszlo J. Karai
Kite-Hydrofoil Miami, Inc.