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That red board I have been riding: Triton custom for winging

It took us more than one and a half year to transfer the ideas and feels to reality. Now it is here, kind of a concept, but one that has many sensible parts that you can use in your next perfect wing board

The weak needs some help: harness line.

After trying it I do not understand why isn’t it more common. It is easy to use and preserve so much energy for when I needed it. In high winds I am going to wear my diaper with the hook from now on. Sabfoiling: 800/400/82 board: Triton custom, Mystic pads #winging...

Micro downwinder

The last couple of we have been riding strong NE winds. The harness line allows me to use a bigger wing (5.2 Ensis in up to 30 knots gusts) and to shoot upwind effectively. The ride back towards the shore is priceless. I turn around at the sandbar because the wind...

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